Travel Gift Ideas This Christmas

Travel Gift Ideas This Christmas

Now is the time to start getting ready for Christmas. What are you giving your special friends and family this year? Treat your jet-setting family member (or yourself) to these Travel Gift Ideas.



Staying in a luxury hotel or cruise ship means sampling spa-quality bath products every time, but you don’t have to wait to use these amazing products.

Instead stuff a Christmas stocking with a travel size hair and body gift set. Shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and shower gel made with essential oils and botanicals will leave hair and skin naturally nourished and moisturised. Maybe add in a face mask or bar of luxury soap.



From Christmas Cocktails to Tropical Punch, making holiday drinks at home is so much fun and so easy. Find some fun pineapple shaped cups or some elegant Martini glasses to make that special Christmas drink.

Or if your partner is more into Craft Beers why not a six pack of International Beers with a set of Beer Glasses. And don’t forget the annual Baileys Gift Sets with the set of embossed Baileys glasses and a bottle of Christmas Baileys cheer.



If a cup of tea is the drink of choice, why not wrap a classically deigned, patterned Teapot. Add to it some calming and refreshing natural teas and your present will be one that will be enjoyed day and night. Why not add an exotic Chai Tea, Relaxing Camomile or Refreshing Peppermint Tea to the pot to inspire some soothing travel memories.



No hotel or Cruiseline is complete without a nightly turndown with some special chocolates on the pillow. Put together a collection of decadent and luxurious chocolates fit for a king or queen and WOW the chocoholic within.



Is it time to upgrade your tired and dull towels? Upgrade the morning routine with a luxurious oversize bath sheet. How decadent is it to wrap yourself in a fresh, new, absorbent bath towel. And why not add in some hand towels and face cloths. They will feel like they are being spoilt in the comfort of their own bathroom.


Take a virtual trip around the world with a simple fragrance memory. An ocean breeze, a sandalwood scent, a fruity or floral perfume that takes you back to that last holiday by the beach or in the lavender fields. Gift a spa candle or maybe a citrus-scented room spray or even a diffuser with some uplifting essential oils.



Every head deserves a special place to rest every night. A relaxing slumber with a luxurious pillow will deliver a cloudlike hotel bed feeling without leaving home. Look for natural feather and down pillows, natural fibres and a firm, supportive core to promote a good night sleep night after night.



Nothing feels better than slipping into a lovely fresh set of sheets in your hotel or cruise suite at the end of the day. Transform the bedroom into a resort retreat with a fluffy mattress topper and soft Egyptian Cotton sheets.


Who hasn’t taken the free slippers from their hotel room or Cruise suite? Now is the time to spoil that special person with a comfy pair of open-back velour slippers, and on their next cruise or holiday I’m sure the slippers will be the first things that go in the suitcase.



Don’t forget the super soft cozy bathrobe to make you feel like you are in a 5 star hotel! Choose a stylish microfibre robe that absorbs moisture after a shower and is so comfortable to wear around the house. Or if satin is more their style find one in their favourite colour and they will lounge the day away.



Why not give yourself the gift of a TravelManagers Gift Certificate and start planning that amazing journey around Australia! It is valid for 3 years and can be used over several holiday journeys. Use it for Hotels, Flights, Car Hire, Motorhome Hire, Day Trips and more. And if you have any amount left over use it towards your next Cruise or International Holiday.




This is the Christmas to make your friends and family feel like they are being treated like a King or Queen.

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